It was a long time ago since I believe in myself. After all the difficulties I have been through, everything is going okay now. But there are times in our life that is hard for us to move on, to recover and forget. Those moments are hard to throw away. Perhaps, that is also the reasons why I keep myself strong. Many times, I feel devastated when I remember it, it is killing me inside and force myself to sleep to avoid negative thoughts. There comes in my life, where I had to be brave because if I don’t know who else. I grow up in Canada. My mother’s sibling adopted me. I am frustrated because of all her children, why did she abandon me? Why did she allow her brother to take me? Maybe it is not an adoption I feel. I was forcibly given to serve them because of the big debt my mom owes to them. I was the repayment. Every day I do remember those things in my mind. I want to go with her and complain. Do I want to ask why me? My life with my uncle was tough. Every day is a cavalry to me. I was abused mentally and physically. I was not able to go to school because he made me a servant. He always told me that my parents owe him a lot and I need to pay for it. Sometimes I fight back, but I just get beaten in return. I was his slave for most of my life. Many times, I try to escape, but unfortunately, he will always lock me up when he’s away. His eyes are still on me, and threaten me that he will do something scary to my family. I know its selfish to think that I need to escape or else I will be the one to die. He was so drunk that night, and I slowly open the gate, not to catch his attention. I cried when I finally free myself. I ran away from him and all the negativity. I start my life in the streets, looking for work at many fast food chains. I was able to get a job. I work hard for it, and my employer city me. He gave me a chance to go to school and work for him. I was so grateful by that, even though it is very challenging at least I have a better future that awaits me. I did everything; I was on top in class and don’t waste the money and trust by the person who believes in me. I graduated from college. And I work as an infamous head restaurant in Canada. Due to my determination and hard work, I had earned a lot and start my own company. But I thought I am happier, good career and good love life. But instead I will celebrate, my longtime girlfriend broke up with me. She chooses to be with another guy. The pain and memories again in the past keeps hunting me. I lost myself, stop believing and tired of everything. I flew to London and stay in Islington. I have no work there and just waiting to relax. I decided to book the famous Islington escort from She is beautiful. I like her positive personality. She loves to make jokes and laugh hard at her. My pain goes away when I am with her. I began a new life. I am happy because An Islington Escort made me realize that I am worth as a person


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